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Case Study: Legado

Meet Legado

An Edinburgh-based computing company established in 2018, Legado offers a digital life planning platform helping businesses and clients with personal data management and ownership.

They work with some of the world’s largest organisations, implementing their technology to reimagine the way the customer’s life’s can be made easier.

Involvement in the Cyber Cluster

Legado are active and enthusiastic participants of the ScotlandIS Cyber Cluster and the cyber eco-system in Scotland.

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CEO Josif Grace had the idea of Legado while based in Silicon Valley and brought it to the UK market.

A B2B-focussed company, Legado helps organisations reimagine the way personal planning takes place in the UK. The platform is a smart digital solution assisting with the elimination of fragmentation of personal data, improving the ownership of personal data by consumers, streamlining corporate processes, and helping to provide organisations with key engagements opportunities.

The team at Legado has broad expertise across a range of different fields. The advisory board has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world helping them to solve complex challenges. Passionate about helping people be more organised and better prepared for the future, Legado understands the importance of data and strives to enable consumers to make decisions about how they use and share their data.


  • Finalist in Lloyds Banking Group Innovation Programme, 2020


“Consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their data and who can access it. The secure digital vault Legado offers will provide much-needed reassurance and increased efficiency in a market that is still far too dependent on physical documents and attachments.”

Adrian Durham, FNZ Group CEO

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